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The Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation UK (FSTC) was originally founded in 1999 by its sister organisation, a British non-profit making, non-political and non-religious educational foundation which aims to generate social cohesion, inter-cultural appreciation, and to promote science and learning as an alternative to negative and extremist behaviour. The Charity was in turn established for the same intentions plus the prevention and relief of poverty by providing grants, items and services to individuals and organisations in need. Its creation is for to promote education, including social and physical training of people relating to science, technology and culture. It does this by illuminating the shared scientific heritage of humanity with its initial efforts centring on the scientific contributions by the Muslim, Chinese and Indian Civilisations.

During the 1000 year period known as the Middle Ages, a part of which was referred to as the Dark Ages in the West, a time when little scientific progress was made, the Muslim Civilisation was in a Golden Age. Men and women from many religions and cultures generated a great array of scientific discoveries and inventions based on the discoveries of their predecessors from other great civilisations, including the Greeks, Romans, Indians and Chinese.

These contributions inspired and informed many leading western figures in related fields, thus Muslim Heritage is intricately pre-woven into the rich fabric of all western societies but is rarely visible to the majority of those who live within them. This unwitting disparity and ignorance silently contributes to the potential for tension and resentment.

FSTC UK helps to address this important issue by casting a positive light on this vital and obscured shared heritage. It generates high quality innovative, educational, informative and entertaining content, which in turn is delivered to the wider world by its subsidiary organisations.

Above right, manuscript of Al-Jazari’s Elephant Clock. Above Al-Idrisi’s 12th century map with Mecca centre.



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