Friends of FSTC UK

The Muslim Heritage Awareness Group, MHAG is a network of academics, experts and public figures associated with FSTC UK who believe in its noble mission. The UK network was established in 2004 and holds regular meetings, mainly at the Royal Society in London. The main purposes of MHAG include:

1. Profile-building of Muslim heritage themes and FSTC content through:

Lectures, Peer Reviewing, Brain Storming, Campaigning, Public Relations, Marketing, Lobbying, Networking, Seminars and Resource Development.


2. Gaining new material through:

Inviting academics who have conducted or are conducting research into Muslim heritage and are connected with potential sponsors and young research scholars. Commissioning these experts to provide specialist consultancy, new material and editorial assistance for


3. Building academic alliances and partnerships through:

Developing and maintaining UK and international academic links. Building both online and offline strategic partnerships. Establishing university departments of Muslim heritage research. Recommending steps to improve the governance and organisation of FSTC.

Each MHAG meeting is on a different theme and usually comprises four presentations from experts, each of 20 minutes. This is followed by a business meeting and networking with special advisors. In October 2010, the Muslim Heritage Awareness Network Turkey (MHANT) was established during the 1001 Inventions exhibition in Istanbul. In March 2011 a similar network was formed in the USA at the New York Hall of Science. FSTC UK uses its charitable donations to fund MHAG and support its ongoing international dialogue to inspire new research material and bring professionals of different cultures together.




Public Engagement

- 1001 Inventions

- Conferences and Talks