In the coming years, FSTC UK will use its charitable donations to continue expanding its projects to reach a wider audience:

  • FSTC UK’s core body intends to maintain its position as content provider. It will do this by increasing the number of globally significant academics on its roster and continue its conferences and seminars, speakers’ tours and MHAG.
  • It will use charitable donations to update its website and embark on a social media marketing campaign to generate more awareness and donations.
  • FSTC UK will publish more books based on Muslim inspired clocks, machines and cures. This will lead to a reconstruction of Harun al-Rashid’s Water Clock.
  • The 1001 Inventions Exhibition will spend the next few years continuing to tour the world. It is the long-term intention, sponsorship and donation willing, to run three parallel exhibitions globally. It will also become an exhibition development consultancy assisting others to establish exhibitions and edutainment products for the global market.
  • The 1001 Inventions and Wold of Ibn al-Haytham will continue its global tour and strengthen its ties with UNESCO.
  • The Educational Outreach Programme will expand and build upon its partnerships with high profile organisations and educational institutions to foster research, build centres of excellence, develop edutainment centres and set up youth groups across Europe, the U.S. and the Middle East. This will help to educate young people in the areas in which FSTC specialises with the specific intention of promoting the core values of intercultural appreciation, social cohesion, and science as an alternative to extremist behaviour. It will also start to work in UK prisons as well as assist with refugees globally.
  • MuslimHeritage.com will be modernised to facilitate multimedia and interactive technologies, including the MASDAR database project with its web-based directory of 75,000 source documents relating to Muslim heritage. The directory will be expanded to 125,000 references and is a very valuable research resource. It will continue to publish research articles.