► FSTC Newsletter 10 - January Issue 2013

In the first days of the New Year, FSTC team is pleased to present to our wide community Issue 10 of this periodic publication. We list in this new release detailed coverage on FSTC recent activities including the work of its members and subsidiaries. This Issue highlights the continuing success of “1001 Inventions” in its world tour, which now brings it to the South Asian shores, in Malaysia.  In partnership with National Geographic, FSTC produced content for a new kids book based on the 1001 Inventions book. FSTC President, Chairman, members of FSTC Advisory Board, the Research Team and the Editorial Board continued lecturing and publishing on different subjects around the world. The dissemination of knowledge about the cultural roots of science and technology, which is FSTC’s main objective and fundamental mission, is pursued with the same dedication. Many other initiatives and projects are in the pipeline for 2013; all to be reported in forthcoming issues. You can also keep in touch with us and know more through our electronic platforms.

► FSTC Newsletter 9 - August Issue 2012

In the period from the last Newsletter 8, FSTC achieved new breakthroughs. New partnerships were announced and new projects were launched. Cooperation with the Royal Society continued and was strengthened. The partnership with National Geographic resulted in the release in USA of the 3rd edition of 1001 Inventions book and the hosting of the exhibition “1001 Inventions” in National Geographic Museum in Washington beginning from August 3, 20121. FSTC scholars and associates presented lectures and conferences and published chapters in books and dozens of articles on FSTC’s academic web portal

► FSTC Newsletter 8 - September Issue 2011

Over the past few months Hillary Clinton launched the 1001 Inventions exhibition in California, Jim Al-Khalili brought 1001 Inventions to life at the Cheltenham Science Festival, the new ‘Arabick Roots’ exhibition opened in London, the Sacred Spaces project developed, the Isfizari project was announced, 1001 Inventions won Best Touring Exhibition and a competition in which you could WIN £1000 was launched >>>

► FSTC Newsletter 7 - May Issue 2011

Find out how you could WIN a TRIP to CALIFORNIA Science Center to visit the exhibition, read about CE4CE’s new Sacred Spaces project,  discover how 1001 Inventions and Muslim Heritage Awareness Groups are expanding internationally, and see what’s new on >>>

► FSTC Newsletter 6 - February Issue 2011

To welcome in 2011, the Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation (FSTC) has chosen to give its Muslim Heritage Newsletter a new look. With the name FSTC NEWS, this newsletter encompasses all our projects and subsidiaries. The newsletter is split into three main sections based on our core bodies: 1001 Inventions, CE4CE and FSTC. By including the work of the entire group, we hope to keep our supporters informed of our successes and developments on a bi-monthly basis.

In this issue you will learn about the successful launch of the 1001 Inventions exhibition in New York after a great run in Turkey during which new Muslim Heritage Awareness Network Turkey (MHANT) was formed; awards received by the Library of Secrets film, the 1001 Inventions initiative and Professor Salim T S Al-Hassani himself; Curriculum Enrichment for the Common Era’s new website, recent talks and film competition project; and the recent articles published on >>>

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