Dr. Salim Ayduz

Salim Ayduz is a senior scholar at FSTC. In 1986 he attended Istanbul University History Department. In graduate work at the same university, in the History of Science Department, he specialized in the history of the Ottoman Science and Technology. He then taught for four years at Fatih University, Istanbul. He concentrated all his scholarly attention to the History of Science of the Ottoman period. He prepared MA and Ph.D. dissertations on "The Office of Chief Astronomership in the Ottoman Empire " and "Ottoman Imperial Arsenal (Tophane-i Amire)" respectively. Both theses depended on primary sources, especially on Ottoman Archival documents. His Ph.D. Thesis is in press in the Publications of the Turkish Historical Society in Ankara.

Dr. Ayduz published many scholarly articles in his field and also attended many national and international symposia with original papers. He has been working as a senior researcher in Foundation for science, technology and civilisation (FSTC) in Manchester since 2002, and as a visitor scholar at the Manchester University since 2003. He recently contributed to the book 1001 inventions: Discover the Muslim Heritage in our World under the editorialship of Professor Salim Al-Hassani. He also helped to preparation of the touring exhibition “1001 Inventions”. He is a member of the Turkish History of Science Society.

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