Professor Sevim Tekeli

Professor Tekeli is Emeritus Professor, History of Science Department, Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey. She was attracted to the History of Science during her undergraduate studies influenced by the lectures of Aydin Sayili who became her supervisor for her doctoral thesis on "The Comparison of the observational Instruments of Nasir al-Din al Tûsî, Tycho Brahe and Taqi al Din". She continued research onTaqi al Din for her professorial thesis on his book "The Brightest Stars of Construction of the Mechanical Clocks" and demonstrated that Taqi al-Din was one of the most important astronomers of the 16th century.

At the time Professor Tekeli started her doctoral studies, it was almost impossible to find any material in Turkey on the history of Ottoman science, a state of affairs which she was determined to remedy. She became interested in the development of scientific academies in the 17th century in Western Europe and in comparing the development of science in Russia at the time with that of the Ottomans. She was also interested in the influence of the Turks on Renaissance, in particular the way by which at the beginning of the period when the Turks became the ruler in the Islamic World the scientific knowledge of the Greek world was transmitted to Western Europe via the world of Islam.

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